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It’s no secret that stress and uncertainty are inevitable adversaries in today’s culture, and—if left unchecked—can impact everything.

Two-thirds of Americans feel they are only just getting by financially.

2018 frost bank study

But the most powerful tool in overcoming these complicated feelings is actually quite simple...

Our outlook

An optimistic outlook is a choice. It is a self-fulfilling spark that turns challenges into opportunities.

Optimists are less likely to be depressed and more capable of coping with problems.

2005 Study, American Psychological Association

And it can even be a catalyst for better physical, emotional, and financial health.

Optimists live longer than pessimists.

2008 Report, Harvard Health Publishing

Optimism doesn’t always come naturally, but its benefits can be adopted and its behaviors learned.

“Our mindset is completely malleable.”

Michelle Gielan, Positive Psychology Researcher

And with over 150 years of experience helping people succeed, Frost Bank is spotlighting the impacts of optimism like never before.

In a recent study, Frost Bank examined the specific habits of optimistic people that can measurably improve our lives, particularly as it relates to our financial health.

Optimists are

more likely to
experience better
financial health.

2018 Frost Bank Study
Habit 1

Take the Taboo out of Money

Optimists are curious and seek new information.

76% of optimists are comfortable talking about money vs. 53% of pessimists. (2018 Frost Bank Study)

Habit 2

Seek Progress, Not Perfection

Optimists aren’t perfect and find satisfaction in making progress, even if small.

54% of optimists have a rough plan vs. 35% of optimists have a detailed plan. (2018 Frost Bank Study)

Habit 3

Expect the Unexpected

Optimists face setbacks, but approach them as an opportunity to learn.

69% of optimists respond to a financial setback with new habits vs. 36% of pessimists. (2018 Frost Bank Study)

Let’s face it. The trickle-down effect of optimism is real. It has the ability to change someone’s day. And that can change people’s lives. And that can change the world.

Optimists experience fewer stressful days than pessimists—145 days per year!

2018 Frost Bank Study

Go to to learn more about these optimistic habits and sign up for the 30-Day Optimism Challenge.